Use the free app development cost calculator below to get a quick estimate! Its free and you can run through trying options as much as you want.

Don’t forget to add more screens for items like your settings page, and login screen as very few apps can manage with just a single tab or screen.

If you already have a working mockup of your app, with User Experience diagrams to cover every use-case then you’re all ready for us to get coding. That’s the Minimal Process Complexity option.

Many of our clients have a few rough sketches and wind up working with us to zero in on the final product over a few iterations. We can organise UX designs as needed. Just click Standard for Process Complexity in the app cost calculator.

In startup land, or facing uncertainty with a few changes ahead? Don’t worry – we have you covered. Just choose the Complex option in the first step below.

Plenty of app development cost calculators in the sea!

You have so many sites to choose from with hundreds of results on searches for app development cost so I recommend taking your time. Shop around.

Because each feature you add increases the cost. This is true even if it seems trivial – like the ability to log in, or store preferences. The calculator I’ve designed below includes a few of these types of add-ons so you can see this for yourself as you experiment.

So many folks jump into app development without realising how quickly the costs can rack up. This article from Wave Digital quotes developer Guy Cooper on how web app development can become part of a mobile app due to the need for the owners of the app to administer the app once its in stores.

Beware of the sharks!

Be careful working with any app development house that tries to hide these costs and then spring them on you later. Remember: nothing comes for free in an app. I would rather a client decide against using Smithsoft based on costs that we’ve identified because you need to go into app development with your eyes wide open.

App development by its nature is expensive. And operators who tell you they can build apps cheap are probably hiding some costs that will appear later. Or they are operating offshore and plan to try to fulfil promises by getting clients to lock in first, then leaving QA up to clients rather than delivering quality in the first place.

This kind of approach is not sustainable.  You can read about how it went wrong for app-outsourcing powerhouse Appster (article by Brisbane developers Code Heroes).

Look for companies that have been operating a while. Don’t be an app development company’s first client, unless you have some particular reason to do so. If your business depends on the app, and your capital that you’ve salted away is going on that app, then avoid companies that you find it hard to talk to. Find ones that understand what you want, even if they cost a bit more.

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