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Early History

Smithsoft founders built the company in Brisbane, Australia in 2012 after working in USA and overseas in Software Engineering for companies including Nokia & Google. When you work with Smithsoft we bring deep mobile development experience to get the right results for you.

Mobile Games and Apps

Smithsoft has been working in mobile development and web-technologies since the 90's and has built a number games and apps. Award nominated Pandora's Books was released in the App Store in 2016.

Mobile Games

We specialise in fast native mobile games that access the power and features of the Android or iPhone/iPad platform. Deep expertise means your app or game development work is done right. Smithsoft can work with our own creatives for artwork, audio and SFX or use yours. Getting your app in the stores and out to your customers is our priority.

Case Study 1

My previous developer had been based in India. They had hard-wired the app to only one screen size and when Apple bought out new devices my app looked awful, and parts of it stopped working altogether! I went to Sarah at Smithsoft to see what she could do. Sarah was able to work with the legacy code and save some of the non-future-proofed work to quickly get my app up and running again.

Case Study 2

I had a complicated app I needed built that used an external device connected via bluetooth to an iPad. Sarah was able to integrate the bluetooth device to the iPad and faithfully reproduce the designs our user-experience designer had come up with. Other developers that we’d approached didn’t know how to get the bluetooth part working so we were very pleased with the result!

How much will it cost?

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How much will my app cost?

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Process complexity


I've done this before, I know exactly what I want and I have final production UX/UI designs.


I know what I want but I don't have final UX/UI designs and/or I work with others who will need to be consulted.


I will work with you to finalise my designs and co-ordinate with my other stakeholders. We will require a number of reviews.

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App type


Native apps are developed for a particular device, eg iOS or Android. Native apps give the best performance but are more costly to develop.


Web apps can be less expensive to develop, but will require internet access to use and will not be able to use device-specific functionality.


Hybrid apps are developed as web applications and wrapped to work on a particular device or devices.

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