One of the great game development companies in Brisbane | Smithsoft Studios in 2012

Games are challenging! Above all they’re creatively demanding! And that’s why since 2012 Smithsoft has been one of the game development companies in Brisbane employing world-class local creative talent.

I’m Sarah Smith, a veteran software engineer & game developer.  In 2016, the above photo was taken. During that time we had a great line up of Brisbane artists, animators, writers & creatives on the team.

What a lot of people don’t know is that the same technologies used in games can also be used to build a lot of successful types of apps.

Firstly, most game development technologies are by their nature cross-platform. In other words your app can be built from the same code-base and work on iPhone and Android.

Secondly, check if you have creative ideas, animated themes, or playful interactive experiences you want to put in the hands of your customers. Is the answer yes to any of those? Then you definitely want to use game development techniques.

Game UI elements: progress menu shown, then social leaderboard popup appears
Pandora's Books uses Facebook API's, Firebase cloud data, in-app purchases, incentivised video and many other complex technologies.

Game development companies build the most feature full & complex apps

I’ve worked on dozens of regular non-game apps.

I have done travel apps, exercise apps. I’ve built customer loyalty apps for bars & and I have done photo apps.

The mobile games I worked on were where I implemented the most complex functionality!

Here in Pandora’s Books we are calling out to third party services like Google’s Firebase. That is to say we used a cloud datastore to track social leaderboard information. We are also fetching & posting social information from Facebook. We share game updates from inside the game to Twitter.

Game developers are experts in interacting with online payment and advertising systems, and using cloud analytics systems to optimise players experience.

So we’re ready to meet the challenge of building your most demanding interactive apps, and challenging visual stories on iPhone and Android.

Cross-platform? Game dev has got you covered.

I’ve been developing with cross-platform, and also presenting at conferences & interest groups on cross-platform technologies for a decade. Game technologies are like Unity and Unreal are cross-platform out-of-the-box.

Make Apps engaging

In Pandora's books we used the "auto solve" gamification of word puzzle solving to engage players, and provided in-app purchases that could be gotten for free with incentivised video.


Game tech is great for apps!

Complex information, or difficult messaging can be communicated with game technologies! Dynamic or playful themes? Interactive content for your customers? If you want your app to have some pizzazz go with app development companies that know game technologies.

How much will my app cost?

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Native apps are developed for a particular device, eg iOS or Android. Native apps give the best performance but are more costly to develop.


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How can a game dev work in an app?

Does your app have:

  • information, or messaging
  • dynamic or playful themes
  • music, or sound effects
  • animation, or visual effects
  • interactive elements
  • social interaction, sharing
  • notifications
  • analytics
  • in-app-purchases

I have worked with these features in all our games, and am expert in using them on mobile.