Five members of the Pandora's Books team
Date: 14th June 2016


New Australian Indie Games Studio, Smithsoft Games.

Smithsoft, Brisbane’s newest Indie Games Studio announces their entry into the games
market with a majority female line­up. The studio is set to launch their first mobile game
‘Pandora’s Books’ in August and has high ambitions to release more games in the future.

A veteran programmer, Sarah Smith (Founder of Smithsoft) has been developing games of
all kinds since the 1990s, mostly in her spare time. As a Software Engineer, Sarah has
worked for high profile tech companies such as Google and Nokia. Her work has taken her
around the world including Silicon Valley, Germany & Norway. Since moving back to
Australia in 2012 she established Smithsoft with her partner Raymond Smith where she
acted as an IT consultant and worked as a solo Indie games developer. She’s now realised
her ambition to bring her passion for games to life by establishing Smithsoft Games.

Smithsoft Games, consists of Sarah Smith (Founder and Programming), Wren Brier (Art and
Design), Jane Dyson (Marketing and Production) and Crystal Htay (QA and Community
Management) with the help from Zander Hulme Music.

“It’s interesting,” says Sarah. “People ask me if I set out to establish a mostly female studio.
The answer to that is ‘No. Not really’. I just reached out to people that I knew, people I was
introduced to or people I just felt were right for the job. Having said that though, in a
traditionally male dominated industry I’m pretty proud of what we’ve got here. It’s pretty

Smithsoft are working on a fun mobile game called ‘Pandora’s Books’. Here you help
Pandora defend cities in the worlds of classic books by unscrambling words. You can
challenge yourself as much or as little as you like. It depends on how many clues you use.
The words are from classic books, some dating from the 1800s.

“I really wanted to create something different. Something that still challenged people, was a
little quirky but they could still have fun while they were doing it. It’s a bit of a different slant
to your ‘Word Brain’ games or ‘Words with Friends’. But like those games, this is a game
that anyone can just pick up and play,” Sarah states.

Smithsoft have big plans for the future and want to establish themselves as a small to
medium sized games studio in the Australian industry.

“In a 100 billion dollar industry there is absolutely room for well­run, professional studios like
ours. The industry is seeing an 8% growth year on year, so if everything goes well, we won’t
stop here. The sky’s the limit. This really is just be the beginning for us. I’ve got so many
ideas of different games that we could make. It’s a pretty exciting time.”

Pandora’s Books is set to hit the App Store in August 2016 and Android later in the year.

About Smithsoft:
Smithsoft was initially founded by Sarah and Raymond Smith in 2012 as as a software
consultancy company whilst Sarah worked as a sole Indie developer. Previous games
released or developed by Sarah acting as a sole Indie developer include Space Bot Alpha
and Ethex 2080.

Media Contact:
Jane Dyson, Marketing and Production. Smithsoft.
Email: [email protected]