This is the professional portfolio site for me, Sarah Smith. Welcome! Check the blog posts below or have a play with my Mobile App “Cost Estimator” below. As of Jan 1, 2021 this is no longer a consulting business.


Using the latest CDN based, site generation tooling one can build pages so fast that they are effectively instant. Delight your customers with answers in the palm of their hand.


Mobile phone icon.

Look great on the small screen. Distill the best of your site and serve it up beautifully for phones. Then expand to fill desktops. Rank better in Search Engines.

Mobile first cross platform web app development

Native mobile app developers can use web app technologies to make hybrid-apps – those are native apps that include web-views to deliver web-based content. They’re the most costly but most flexible of the apps.

These web app technologies are engineered to work great on Android and on iPhone. They work fantastic on desktop too!

Use modern web-development technologies that compile HTML/CSS/Javascript across all platforms.

Do you really need the power, platform-access and App Store presence of a native app?

Native apps give you everything on your customers phones – but maybe you don’t need notifications or a custom camera.

Do you just need your business online & easy-to-update via a web-app that works great across different platforms? This is a great option if you don’t really need to be in the Apple App Store or Google Play store.

Of course if you really do you need to leverage the power, App Store presence & platform features (like store, Bluetooth, custom camera) of a native app or a hybrid app we’ve got you covered.

How much will it cost?

Use the cost estimator to find out how much it might cost to build an app tailored to your requirements.