Plistinator Support FAQ



The simple editor for structured app & game data. For Mac, Win & Linux.

Plistinator Support FAQ

Thanks for picking up Plistinator! If you’ve encountered an issue please read the frequently asked questions below, or contact us for support.

So sorry you encountered this problem, and thanks so much for trying Plistinator. You should be able to continue to use Plistinator by clicking the “Later” key in the bottom left corner of the key entry dialog box.

Also check that you have access to the Internet as the license validator needs to connect to our fulfilment provider. We recently fixed an issue that was causing this so if you have the latest version & still see this problem please let us know. We’d really appreciate it!

Because of Mac security the first time you scan your preference folders you’ll need to click an open folder dialog. Some of our users click past the open folder dialog the first time they see it and then wind up with an empty PLIST directory pane, or an info dialog about “Open a folder”.

  1. You can open the directory pane via the button (1) top left.
  2. If the pane is blank, or to change the folder click the popup
  3. Ensure the right folder you want is selected
  4. Click OK to commence scanning