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Help plucky repair bot Alpha save his ship and out-smart the evil Alien Space Squid. Alpha must build walls to seal off the ship from the squid. Seal 75% of a level and its on to the next level! The trick is getting those 2 star (85%) and 3 star (90%) scores! To seal larger areas Alpha must build walls up close, trapping the Alien. Be careful, the Alien is tricky! Alpha has meteorite shields which he puts to good use protecting himself from the Alien Space Squid, but if Alpha detaches from the power rail: guess what, no shields!


  • Ten hand-crafted levels.
  • Adorable robot character “Alpha”.
  • Unique gameplay.
  • Several cool power-ups to collect.

Release date:
13 October, 2014

Regular Price:
USD Free

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Selected Articles

  • “How a One-Woman Dev Team Made a Game Work on Older Devices.” 
    – Jeremy Ray, Kotaku

Space Bot Alpha Credits

Sarah Smith
Design, Coding, Artwork & Publishing

Raymond Smith
Producer, Silent Partner, Life Partner & Rock of Support

Becky Martin
Character Design, In-Game Assets