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Learn to be an App Entrepreneur

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Could you Learn to be an App Entrepreneur?

Why do I think anyone needs to learn to be an App Entrepreneur? Isn’t entrepreneurship about courage and going with your gut?

Too many app projects fail. Statistically only 36% of software projects make it. (2015 figures from Standish group)

They fail because entrepreneurs need more information about the app development process.

In my time in startup-land since 2012 I’ve seen it first hand too. And it has a real human cost. Its especially bad for native apps since they’re so costly & difficult compared to a simple web-app.

I have 20 years of experience in startups, and in building apps, for Nokia, Google, Expedia and other companies. I wanted to use what I know to find a way to help folks succeed. Or at least find a way for them not to stumble straight out of the blocks in their app entrepreneurship journey.

App School is that way

I’m building a set of choose-your-path courses, tailored to busy business people who want to rapidly get targeted skills they can put straight to work.

The good news? The project failures are not inevitable.

You don’t need to be a tech genius to become an app entrepreneur. The most important things are planning a business, understanding the app development process and building product-market fit into your app.

In a few evenings you can learn what you’ll need to start working with a team to build your app successfully.

  • Understand types of apps, incl native, and hybrid
  • Learn the Holy Poker Hand of tools for app teams
  • Discover the roles of app building team members
  • Get to grips with app building workflows
  • Impact of outsourcing & can it work for your app
  • Pitching, ideation and rapid prototyping
  • And much, much more.

App Pitch One-Pager FREEBIE Taster

As a teaser, and to provide a taste of what I’m planning for the course I’ve created a FREE download. Folks get it free just for registering to hear about the courses when we launch.

Watermarked version of our app-pitch one-pager showing 3 phone faces, app name & other fields
Watermarked version of our app-pitch one-pager showing 3 phone faces, app name & other fields

Sketch up & pitch app designs

I use the one-pager for quick ideation. Because it’s enforcing loose hand-drawn work, it helps me to break out of the early fixation problem. That always happens if I go to hi-res art work too early.

You need to be pitching your app ideas to anyone and everyone you can. It is critical to get oxygen into your product-market fit. You need as many eyes on that market alignment as possible. So use the rough one-pager as a great way to iterate on that early value proposition.

I’ve designed this one-pager to capture the headline items from the App Store or Google Play store entries. This means you can show your friends or colleagues quickly what the app is about.

App Pitch sheet example app
App Pitch sheet example app

Can’t wait to learn to be an app entrepreneur?

Some inspiring folks, like Mel Perkins of Canva; and Christy Laurence of Plann, have started out as non-techies and transformed themselves into leaders of app companies.

The success these folks enjoy is the result of years of hard lessons, mistakes and missteps. App School can rocket you through those lessons in days, and route around the missteps so you’re set up to ship your app in record time.

I want App School to be a path for anyone motivated enough, to become a Product Owner. I want folks to succeed with their apps.

I’ve written a number of blog posts, including an important one on how apps work with your business.

You can start there, or pick other articles. In the mean time make sure you’re registered and we’ll make sure you’re the first to know when the courses launch in 2021.

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