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About Smithsoft

App Developer

Smithsoft was founded in 2012 by Sarah Smith, an app developer with over a decade of mobile device experience. She's worked for companies such as Nokia, Google and Expedia as well as co-founding Sortal, a startup developing revolutionary AI-powered image management software.


Sarah is an international speaker and expert in creative teams and agile projects, mobile development and technical architecture for apps. She builds scalable architecture for app backends, and has deep expertise in systems programming.

Here in Brisbane

Sarah and the Smithsoft team have what it takes to turn great ideas into beautiful, intelligent mobile apps working with you right here in Brisbane.

Our portfolio is full of the apps we've created, including games, lifestyle apps and tools for developers.

About Sarah Smith

Sarah is an expert app developer. With Smithsoft as well as writing code herself, she project manages & collaborates with a distributed team of top creatives & developers.

Sarah won for her work on the Sortal App Developer of the Year in 2018 from Women in Digital.

The award also called out her volunteer work on diversity in hiring and mentoring women coders. Sarah has worked in a professional capacity with & codes in the following technologies:

  • Swift, Objective C, C++
  • Java, Kotlin
  • Perl, Bash, Linux, Shell
  • Javascript, Ruby on Rails
  • Google Firebase
  • AWS, DynamoDB, Cognito
  • Secure programming & systems

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